Balance & Calm Organic Facial Oil for Oily Skin (Refill)


Sooth, regulate & stabilise oil production, for a calm, firm complexion.

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If you don’t already use a facial oil as part of your skincare routine, it’s time to start. Lipid loving oils penetrate deep into the skin to seal in nutrients and moisture. This Balance & Calm Facial Oil uses a blend of Rose, Lavender & Geranium to regulate sebum production. If you’ve been using harsh products and stripped your skin of its natural oils, it will go into overproduction mode and create more sebum- this organic blend helps restore the right balance for you to fight damage and help your skin thrive.

Organic & Cruelty Free.

How to: Using your fingertips, dab a small amount onto your cheeks, forehead & chin. Stroke upwards & sweep over nose and lips, or use with a Gemstone Face Roller for a full facial massage.

Simple ingredients: Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, Dog Rose, Lavender, Geranium.

Bring your own container for refill or add on a reusable glass container for £2.


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