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Enhance your intention with our ethically sourced Indian incense, the ideal accompanyment to so many things; relaxation, meditation, sleep, focus, yoga, spirituality & even sexual desire, you’ll find the fragrance for you from our pic n mix range. These 9″ Indian incense sticks are traditionally hand rolled on a bamboo stick, and characterised by their bold potency, alongside their ability to fill a room with their heady aroma.

Amber – warm & sweet Oriental aroma. Healing & cleansing properties

Citronella – Grassy & floral aroma. Mood lifting & natural insect repellant

Dragons Blood – Tantilising warm, spicy, woody & sweet aroma. Grounding & energising

Frankincense & Myrhh – Earthy, warm & woody. Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties

Honeysuckle – Floral, bold, sweet & rich. Sweetens thoughts & enhances love

Jasmine – intoxicating, sweet & intense. Mood enhancer, aphrodisiac & antidepressant

Lavender – delicate, herbal & floral. Cleansing for the mind & environment

Vetiver – unique, earthy, leathery, smoky fragrance. Anti-anxiety & aids focus

Tusli Basil (or Holy Basil) – sweet, fresh & warming. Purifying & uplifting, a sacred plant used for meditation

Opium – strong, heady & earthy. Promotes inner peace & aids sleep

Nagchampa – Warming, spicy & woody, with floral hints. Calming, cleansing & positive

Coconut – fresh, tropical & exotic. Relaxes heart & throat chakras, stress reducing

Tibetan musk – woody, sharp & intimate. Soothing, often used for meditation

Patchouli – Earthy, rich & exotic with a hidden fruity ‘scent of the 60s’. Balances, dispelling negativity

Sandalwood – Deep, woody yet floral, rich, soft & sweet. Reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, balances the root chakra. Natual insect repellant

Orange & cinnamon – Spicy & citrusy sensual mix. Stimulating to combat feelings of sadness

Vanilla – warm, sweet & natural. Comforting, pleasant & gentle

Violet – Distinctive, fresh sweet & wild. Reminiscient of Parma Violets. Calming & nostalgic

MIdnight Rose – Deep, sweet, heady & sensual. Deepens emotions & increases sense of security

Ylang Ylang – Heady, sweet with a hint of spice & floral tones. Reduces stress, high blood pressure & alleviates anxiety

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Amber, Citronella, Dragons Blood, Frank & Myrhh, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Lavender, Vetiver Gold, Tulsi Basil, Opium, Nagchampa, Coconut, Tibetan Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Orange & Cinnamon, Vanilla, Violet, Midnight Rose, Ylang Ylang


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