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Brilliant massage

May, 2024

Rachel is a really professional and caring therapist. She personalities the treatment with a thorough review before starting. The massage treatment is so relaxing yet produces great therapeutic benefit. Highly recommend Rachel.

Avatar for Jane

Total relax

May, 2024

Very chilled and relaxing.

Avatar for Jon Hamp
Jon Hamp

Exactly what I was after!

May, 2024

This wasnโ€™t my first time visiting BTS&P but it was my first treatment with Rachel.

She was so friendly and easy to talk to about problem areas / discussing what I was looking for.

I had a 1hr facial and head neck and shoulder massage.

It was fantastic. To the point where I even fell asleep! Total relaxation and my skin felt amazing afterwards.

Thank you so much! Will be back soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Avatar for Grace

A very relaxing massage

May, 2024

Rachel is a very skilled and professional therapist. I have had some great massages with her over the last year and fully recommend her

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Andrew Brigden

Rachel is amazing!

April, 2024

Rachel is a 10/10, she is very conscientious, professional and an excellent masseuse.

Avatar for Katie

Excellent massage by Rachel

April, 2024

I recently had a wonderful massage by Rachel who is very professional and kind. She has strong hands and was able to release the tension in my back and shoulders. 100% recommended!!

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Leoni VH

Hidden gem

February, 2024

I was very happy to find this place so close to home. They were very professional .

I was suffering from many knots in my lower back and hip which they worked on with deep tissue massage, I felt allot looser and less pain afterwards. I will be booking again for further treatments.

Avatar for John Drew
John Drew

Thoroughly recommend Rachel!

February, 2024

Rachel was very professional and combined strength with sensitivity to my aching muscles.

Excellent stress and tension relief

Highly recommend Rachel to anyone who needs a massage.

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February, 2024

The combined massage & facial were absolutely amazing. Rachel is also so kind & friendly, I will be returning.

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Jane Geddea

Best massage in a long time!

February, 2024

Amazing massage from Rachel. Welcoming, friendly and super firm with her massage – sheer bliss and am definitely going back!

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Bex Grobler

Fabulous massage

December, 2023

I booked a 90 minute massage for head, shoulders, back and feet – with a facial. Honestly, it was one of the best Iโ€™ve ever had. Rachel was respectful and responsive and had a suitable firm touch which I loved. Would highly recommend

Avatar for Georgie

Wonderful experience

December, 2023

Rachel is amazing. I came super tense with unexplained aches and pains and after explaining all to Rachel, I said that I didn’t expect a miracle after one session but miracle did happen as after a 60min bespoke massage all the tension and aches were gone, only the blissful state of relaxation remained. I can’t wait to be back soon. Thank you Rachel!

Avatar for Ewa

75 minute massage

November, 2023

Great to see Kat again and have a full body massage treatment. Tailored to your needs, Kat always gets to the areas of tightness and goes deep enough to release the tension. Felt a bit achy that evening but great the next day. Wil be back soon!

Avatar for Susan Holway
Susan Holway

Absolutely amazing!

August, 2023

Kat possesses actual magic within her hands!

I originally booked in just for a relaxation massage, but a few days before my booking, an old neck neck injury flared up pretty badly, and even the slightest movement was difficult and very painful. I explained this to Kat when I arrived and she said she would try to fix it during the appointment.

I’ll just add here, I’ve had neck issues on and off since an accident over 30 years ago, and no amount of treatments, or heat pads, or gels, or anything else has ever really fixed it, so I certainly wasn’t expecting any miracles here.

Kat then gave the most amazing relaxing massage, but with extra focus on the painful area of my neck to try to fix whatever was going on in there. The massage itself was fantastic. I felt incredibly relaxed and could quite easily have fallen asleep on her table. The atmosphere was relaxing, her room smells great, the table was warm and comfortable, and it was lovely and dark in there. The whole thing was an amazing experience.

But when Kat finished and I stood up, that’s when the magic in her hands really became apparent. The pain in my neck had completely gone and I could fully turn my head again. Something I hadn’t been able to do whatsoever just an hour before. When I left she also gave me some great aftercare tips to help prevent the pain coming back, which I was very grateful for.

Simply put, Kat is absolutely amazing at what she does, and I can’t wait to book again and go back. She’s got a customer for life here! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Avatar for Nigel

Amazing massage!

July, 2023

Fantastic massage from Kat. She took the time understand all the niggles and then tailored the treatment with great follow up advice. Highly recommended and will definitely be rebooking.

Avatar for Tom

Relaxation at its best

July, 2023

Both Kat and Emma are excellent massage therapists. They give a

Particularly good deep tissue massage. I fully recommend Beyond the stone

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Simply the best!

March, 2023

I had a 90-minute tailored masssage with Kat two days ago and I am just wowed by everything. I am suffering from back and gluteal pain because of my scoliosis and everytime I go for a massage there is a certain pressure and strokes that I want and Kat surprisingly know just what I was looking for. The room is cosy and the heated blanket a plus. Kat is very welcoming and friendly. I finally found a gem! Will definitely come back to book for more. Thank you Kat! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Dreamy 2 hour treatment

January, 2023

This massage and facil combo was really dreamy, I felt so good afterwards. Emma is a great therapist as is Kat who I have seen before too. Highly recommend

Avatar for Katherine Barton
Katherine Barton

Amazing tailored experience

January, 2023

I am going to this salon for some time already. I have quite tense and congested muscles. The therapists are very professional. They can feel what your body needs and work on it. I always leave feeling relaxed and light. The effect of the massage lasts for some time. I am frequent client to massage salons and this one is one of the best I ever had. The atmosphere and the interior of the salon is simple, clean and nice.

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January, 2023

Just love the treatment at beyond the stone and pestle so relaxing. Kat does so many types of treatment that itโ€™s hard to chose which one to have I would highly recommend her

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Ava Bailey


December, 2022

Fantastic massage, lovely therapists, very relaxing and cosy venue. Donโ€™t hesitate to book ๐Ÿ™‚

Avatar for Anna

Outstanding massage therapist

October, 2022

Kat is a very intuitive and caring therapist. She tailors her treatments to suit the individual and I find that her holistic approach and healing energy leaves me feeling more positive in mind and body.

Avatar for Jane

Highly recommended

September, 2022

Suffering from a jarring pain in back whilst on visit to my daughter in Bath. She recommended Beyond the Stone and Pestle and immediately contacted Kat to see if she could fit me in for a deep massage the following day. I was in luck, and so was able to benefit from Kats caring approach and effective (sports) massage that concentrated on the problem area of my back. Just wish that I lived a bit closer to Bath so that I was able to return to Beyond Stone & Pestle on a regular basis to help keep away aging aches and pains.

Avatar for Richard Hayden
Richard Hayden

Holistic Massage

March, 2022

I have an no going problem with my shoulder which had gotten increasingly worse towards the end of last year and a friend recommended Kat. I booked a targeted deep tissue massage which I have never had before. Kat talked through my history and what I wanted from the session and continuously checked that I was okay with the level of pressure. The treatment room with its painted night sky ceiling and heated bed is the perfect setting for a massage/other treatment. I felt a huge difference within a few days, and rebooked for a few weeks later. This time I booked for 1 1/2 hours so I could have a 30 minute relaxing hot stones massage before the deep tissue; Kat also managed to fit in a facial massage. What I really liked was the fact that she will tailor the session and her holistic approach makes use of her training across various therapies. I have been back twice since and will be seeing Kat monthly to keep on top of my shoulder and other aches and pains.

Avatar for Susan Holway
Susan Holway

Not just a massage

January, 2022

I went to see Kat after my friend recommended her. My shoulder had been bothering me for some time so I went for a targeted deep tissue massage. Kat spent a lot of time talking about my history and what I wanted. I felt the difference within a couple of days and went back a few weeks later. This time I had a 30 minutes relaxing hot stone massage before the deep tissue massage and Kat also gave me a facial massage. She will tailor the session to suit your needs within the time booked. The treatment room with its painted night sky and the heated bed creates the perfect setting for a relaxing massage or any other treatment. I can thoroughly recommend Katโ€™s holistic approach to massage which combines her knowledge of various therapies; she also gave me some exercises for my shoulder. I will definitely go back every few months to keep my aches and pains at bay!

Avatar for Susan Holway
Susan Holway

Wonderful moment of self care

December, 2021

As soon as I stepped through the door, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. Fantastic massage with focus on areas guided by my needs (tight shoulders!). The only thing I will change next time is making the session longer! Thanks for helping me take some time out ๐Ÿ™‚

Avatar for Rhian

Deep Tissue Massage/Hot Stones

December, 2021

I heard about Kat from a friend after asking for recommendations. I had a shoulder problem a few years ago and it was particularly painful again, as well as the usual neck and shoulder tensions. Kat talked through everything with me and focussed on my problem areas, also giving me some exercises to do for my shoulder. Definitely the best massage I have had and I felt the results over the following few days. At my next appointment I extended my session to have a relaxing hot stones massage prior to the deep tissue and Kat finished off with a facial massage. She is so caring and well informed, keen to create the best possible experience for clients. The setting is lovely; a gorgeous hand painted night sky on the ceiling and a heated massage bed. Already looking forward to to my next appointment in January!

Avatar for Susan Holway
Susan Holway

Amazing relaxing experience

August, 2021

Kat made me feel very welcome as soon as I arrived and provided a very professional and relaxing experience asking all the right questions to suit my requirements. Came out feeling super relaxed and will definitely be going back for another spoil!

Avatar for Sarah

Wonderful treatment in a soothing atmosphere.

August, 2021

Going into the room to start the treatment, is a treat before you start. Everything is calm and comfortable,

It even smells lush as my grand daughter would say.

I would highly recommend anyone to give it a try, especially if you have aches and pains or feeling stressed.

Avatar for Ava Bailey
Ava Bailey

Just the ticket!

August, 2021

Feeling physically and emotionally a bit creaky, I arrived and was immediately transported by the beautiful, calming space that Kat has created. Her massage, as always, was superb: firm, relaxing, flowing. I felt the aches melting away. The delicious foot scrub was the finishing touch. A 5 star treatment – I slept like a baby afterwards! Thank you!

Avatar for Emma

Hot towel facial

July, 2021

Came into the salon feeling jaded yesterday left feeling pampered and relaxed. Kat is so lovely,highly recommended.

Avatar for Jeannette

Magical treatment

July, 2021

Always a pleasure to see Kat, the treatments are always amazing and leave me feeling refreshed and grounded.

Avatar for Zombina Tal
Zombina Tal

Best massage ever!

June, 2021

Kat is brilliant. She knows just the right spots! After each time I’ve been I have felt so much more relaxed and tension in my body eased. I have also felt valued as a person.

Avatar for Jenny Hewett
Jenny Hewett

Excellent massage!

June, 2021

My body feels amazing following a long overdue massage! After months of being sat at a desk revising, my back and shoulders were extremely achy, however, they now feel restored following a deep tissue massage. Kat was excellent and I look forward to returning in the future!

Avatar for Katie

Great hot stone treatment

June, 2021

very professional service with high quality. I left the massage very weightless and relaxed, even today 3 days later I feel very weightless and feeling good ๐Ÿ˜Š

Avatar for Eunice Graca
Eunice Graca

Magical treatment out of this world!

June, 2021

I cannot thank the lovely and amazing Kat more. I entered feeling lost and untethered to myself my soul and body and left feeling reconnected and like I was surrounded by clouds. I have m.e and fibromyalgia and for the first time in months and years my body feels in less pain and more like a move forward to be feeling better. I had a swedish massage with add ons for the foot scrub which left my feet feeling wonderful and fresh, the facial which left my skin feeling gorgeous and supple, the head massage which helped with the neckache and tension in my head. I never realised how many pain points I had around my body. Having the treatment with Kat left my body feeling relaxed fresh and rejeuvanated. Already booking in for my next treatment and will be having treatments with Kat regularly on my journey to feel better mentally emotionally and physically. Kat is wonderfully warm and welcoming the whole experience from start to finish was out of this world. Highly recommend Kat.

Avatar for Zombina tal
Zombina tal

Brilliant massage and care

December, 2020

Kat provides a tailor made massage each time I come- she knows without me telling her where the care is needed. The strength of the massage is just right, the smells delightful and the room is peaceful. I would recommend Kat as a true professional.

Avatar for Daphne

My first visit - Sports Massage by Kat

October, 2020

I highly recommend any type of massage by Kat.

Kat is attentive, professional and someone who knows what they are doing. I liked that before we even got started with my massage, we took a little time to chat and get to know each other beforehand. This I believe is important and helps Kat to get a good understanding and help identify any injuries or niggling pains that she can focus on.

I felt relaxed, comfortable and at ease the moment I walked through the door.

Not only my first massage with Kat but certainly wonโ€™t be the last.

I look forward to returning very soon – thank you

Avatar for Anonymous

5 star!

September, 2020

It was my first massage after 8 months of arriving here in the UK and it exceeded all my expectations ๐Ÿ™‚ environment is relaxing and kat is very professional . Highly recommended

Avatar for Fritz

Amazing Massage

September, 2020

Just returned from an amazing 90 minute massage. Kat made my experience so beautiful I did not want to leave her couch! Every aspect of safety to make my visit comfortable was taken without me even noticing and certainly not affecting this relaxing, calming massage. I canโ€™t wait to rebook and go see her again.

Avatar for Carolyn Shepherd
Carolyn Shepherd