What’s the ‘new norm’ when I come for my appointment?

  1. Please arrive on time.  Appointments are staggered with 30 minutes between to allow for cleaning, so if you arrive early, you may not be able to enter, and late arrivals will have their treatment cut short.
  2. Please don’t bring anyone to your appointment. Only 1 person will be permitted entry to the premises.
  3. Please wear a face covering. You will be required to wear this at all times where possible. I will have disposable masks available for a £1 charge. If you have a medical exemption please contact me before booking your appointment.
  4. Please bring your own bottled water. I will no longer be providing drinks facilities, and it is imperative you hydrate post-treatment, so please bring your own.
  5. Please keep belongings to a minimum. We are trying to minimise risk, so if possible, leave jackets and bags at home or in the car.

What’s changed in the shop?

  1. There will be no in person consultation. Please ensure you adequately complete your consultation form and health screening prior to your appointment, so we can discuss any issues via phone or email beforehand.
  2. Conversation is to be kept to a minimum. Government guidelines advise that when indoors we should keep a 2m distance where possible, along with PPE, and minimal conversation.
  3. No more heated bed. Soft furnishings have been removed to ensure best hygiene. Bed will be stripped and disinfected between each client. If you prefer to bring your own towels or bed coverings, please let me know.
  4. My new uniform. Government requirements mean I am to wear a type 2 face covering as well as a visor. I’m still me under all that, so try not to let it put you off!
  5.  Ventilation. I have provided an air purifier, and opened windows where possible.

I have a voucher, how do I book?

Easy peezy. Head to the booking page here to start with.

If you have a Gift voucher, just select which treatment you’d like and enter the code from voucher on the booking page to reduce the price.

You will need to complete the booking form at the time of booking.

Do I need to show you my wobbly bits?

In the world of the professional Massage Therapist, we’ve seen more wobbly bits than a jelly factory. We don’t care whether you’re big or small, tall or short, any more than we care about your race or sexual preference.

We love people, and we’re here to make you feel happy and healed. So come on, get your kit off* and get on the table!

*You can keep your underwear on 🙂 We’ll cover you with a towel so please don’t be worried.