The Team


“Hi, I’m Rachel!”

Back in 2019, Kat waved her wand and conjured up Beyond the Stone and Pestleā€”an oasis of calm and good vibes. It wasn’t just about setting up shop; it was about creating a haven where ancient healing met modern comfort.

Fast forward to now, and we’ve got some fantastic news to share. Meet Rachel, the newest addition to the Beyond the Stone and Pestle crew! A massage extraordinaire, she’s bringing her A-game from the prestigious Thermae Bath Spa, with VTCT Complementary Therapy qualification.

Rachel’s the Deep Tissue Massage maestro, a calming force, and an all-around good soul. Your knots won’t know what hit them! And guess what? She’s got her eyes set on Sports Massage next. Talk about dedication!

Taking over the reins, Rachel is here to sprinkle her magic. So, why wait? Beyond the Stone and Pestle is evolving, and Rachel is here to ensure it stays your go-to spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. Get ready for good vibes, great company, and a whole lot of chill. Your journey to unwind just got an upgrade!