I’ve never had a massage before. What happens?

Upon arrival after introductions, we’ll have a chat about the consultation form you’ve filled in when booking and go through your reasons for choosing the treatment, so we can make sure we tailor it uniquely for your needs. We’ll cover any conditions, concerns and contraindications before we leave you to undress and get on the massage bed. You will be covered with towels/blankets and only the area being treated will be uncovered.

Throughout the treatment we’ll ensure you’re comfortable and you are welcome to chat if you wish, but most people enjoy relaxing in the quiet and it’s common to fall asleep. 

We’ll let you know once the treatment has come to an end, and leave you to dress in private. We’ll provide you with a complementary drink as we advise you on some aftercare and you’re welcome to relax for 10 minutes before heading off.

And don’t worry, you can keep your knickers on or get totally starkers, however you’re most comfortable – we don’t treat anyone totally uncovered; we retain the modesty of both the therapist and the client at all times.

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